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5 Reasons Why Every Online Shopper Will Be Obsessed With This Smart Shopping App

Lovindubai Sunday, Jul 5

Shopping online is no secret unless you live under a rock, that is! There are tons and tons of apps and websites that help you get even the most random of items delivered right to your door! But, what about the silent heroes of shopping apps that work day and night to make sure we keep our cupboards full?

Introducing SWAN; your new favourite shopping app! SWAN (intriguing name) is a free shopping app created to enhance and personalize the customer shopping experience for both English and Arabic speakers! (read: make your life as easy as possible). If you’re not sold yet, read on for more..

5. SWAN stands out for variety; you can shop for all of the essentials, plus some goodies from niche stores

It can be hard to find just one app that lets you order from ALL the stores you love. With SWAN, however, the gang is all here!

On SWAN, you can get your daily groceries, pet supplies, meat and seafood, organic produce, baked goods, personal care items (we’re getting out of breath), flowers and gifts, smoking goods, water and much more. Everything is hand-picked and delivered by SWAN. Best of all? You get to see images of all the items while ordering, and SWAN customer care is always there whenever you need any assistance.

4. The app has tons of practical features that make it super user-friendly

Although we hate to admit it, almost all of us are creatures of habit. I buy the same grocery items, at the same time, from the same store, every week…and SWAN knows that.

Instead of spending another 15-30 minutes re-choosing my grocery list every Saturday, I just tap that ‘reorder’ button on the app (plus make a few edits to add or remove items) and in 2 minutes, voila, I’m done. I don’t know about you…but I think this is – AMAZING!

After the quick order process, you can either choose to pay online or in cash if you’re into that sort of thing.

3. It’s a personalised shopping experience, where you get recommendations and discount bundles designed just for you!

True UAE residents know that they always have to find the best deal. I guess the SWAN team caught on to that because they have made their app completely customizable!

That means you get notified of all the exclusive offers and deals you might be interested in! Keep in mind; these deals are only for SWAN users!

Even store pages are personalized based on your past browsing/purchase pattern. The app can then suggest bundle offers and make recommendations from your fave stores. Discounts and personalised shopping? Yes, please

2. SWAN is connected to quality retailers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain and will deliver based on your convenience

The options are endless with the SWAN app. You can find pretty much every store you’ll ever need anywhere in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Al Ain. 

The app delivers based on your convenience, and depending on your location, you can also get order-to-door delivery in just 60 minutes. This means no more annoying grocery store drivebys. How handy is that?!

1. The SWAN team hand-picks quality products from top stores

Combining convenience with quality, SWAN has teamed up with an impressive mix of UAE stores, meaning you’ve got heaps of top-quality products to choose from.

In Dubai alone, they’ve got Union Coop, Souq Planet, Organic Foods & Cafe, Al Adil Trading, Go Organic, Meat Avenue, The Pet Shop, Petzania, Bikanervala, Puranmal, Al Rifai Roastery, Caffitaly, Looshi’s, Blossom Tree Flowers, Baskin Robbins, Dr Nutrition, Lifestyle Nutrition and more. While in Abu Dhabi, they also have Souq Planet, Abela, Organic Foods & Cafe, Al Adil Trading, La Carne Meat, Quality Pets, Al Rifai Roastery, Baskin Robbins and many others. And finally, Al Ain has Al Ain Coop and Souq Planet flagship stores too.

We know you didn’t read all those store names. We are just trying to tell you that you have A LOT of options on SWAN!

The important bits

Get to know the app on App Store and Google Play here.

Payment can be cashless on delivery, or in the case of online payments, the money is deducted only once the order has been picked and on its way to you.